C’llr Achievement Awards: Wellbeing Champion of the Year

The wellbeing of citizens is a central concern of local government. This is particularly true since councils have taken on responsibility for public health, which has given many the opportunity to establish programmes that have positive and holistic impacts on their communities, such as reducing tobacco and alcohol use, campaigns to tackle loneliness, and mental health support.

Many factors contribute to wellbeing and some councillors are particularly innovative in how they take action to effect them. The Wellbeing Champion of the Year Award will recognise and celebrate these councillors.

The award will go to a councillor who has:

  • Campaigned tirelessly around a specific area of wellbeing in their community
  • Devised innovative and creative approaches to tackle particular issues of wellbeing, overcoming barriers such as a lack of support
  • Built cross-party or cross-sector relationships around certain wellbeing issues

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