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Concessionary travel schemes

March 12, 2018

What are the economic and wellbeing benefits of the national concessionary travel scheme and what are the issues over its costs and usage? An evaluation provides key evidence and findings.

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The first 100 days – commitments, progress and tensions

August 19, 2015

Can any modern UK government live up to Franklin D Roosevelt’s first 100 days in 1933 where the legislation was passed to create the New Deal (and where apparently the concept of the first 100 days was born)?…

Projects & Reports

Managing floods: Supporting local partnerships

October 31, 2014

Floods have a huge, potentially disastrous impact on communities up and down the country. Though we can't stop it happening, we can look for ways to minimise the damage and to support those affected.


Future of Town Centres

June 9, 2016

This seminar takes stock of policy for high streets and town centres and of the contribution to the ‘high street offer’ of elements like street markets, arts, and culture. Delegates are invited to engage with the speakers…

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