Top Tips for applications

Cllr Awards Banner 2014

These are general tips on applying for the C’llr Achievement Awards.

  • Please read the judging criteria for individual awards by navigating the menu to your right. The strongest applications will demonstrate effectively how their nomination fits the judging criteria.
  • Please ensure that you have also read the rules – please note that different rules apply for the Bruce Lockhart Scholarship than to the other awards.
  • Please think carefully about which category best suits the councillor you would like to nominate.
  • Please keep in mind the relevant word counts – if you are filling your form in by hand, please do feel free to use extra paper if necessary.
  • For further inspiration, please take a look at previous winners and find out why they won their respective awards.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact the C’llr Awards team by emailing