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Ageing well? Meeting the challenge in our towns

February 4, 2019

By 2046 there will be seven million more people aged over 65 in the United Kingdom, but the changing demographics will impact differently in villages, towns and cities of Britain in ageing. Services will need to plan for the differential pattern of ageing if a crisis is to be averted.

Putting Health into Place

November 29, 2018

NHS England's Healthy New Towns is a three year programme to look at how health and wellbeing can be planned and designed into new places. How can partners collaborate effectively? What are the key principles involved and what are the main challenges?

Time for Towns: Closing the Policy Gap

February 1, 2018

Research from the Carnegie UK Trust has found that there is a policy gap at the towns level. This briefing explores how towns can be supported to work together and to develop and focus on a positive narrative telling the story of their place.

Briefing: UKactive: Moving More, Ageing Well.

November 28, 2017

UKactive’s report Moving More, Ageing Well looks at the physical and wider social benefits of active ageing, and outlines the opportunities and challenges associated with increasing advice and provision for physical activity for older people.

Making sense of a ‘sense of place’: a planning perspective

May 25, 2017

Benefits from a strong sense of place range from greater wellbeing through to revitalising a local economy. Planners are crucial to cultivating a sense of place, but there are challenges to putting this into practice. This is the first in a series of briefings about a sense of place.

House of Commons DCLG Committee report on Public Parks

March 20, 2017

More than half of the UK population uses parks on a regular basis. The CLG select committee’s report into parks asks why do they matter, what challenges do they face and how can a sustainable future be secured?

Innovations in Commissioning Arts and Cultural Organisations

June 8, 2016

The arts and cultural sector can help to develop major policy goals, deliver service innovation and improve service outcomes in, for example, social care. This report from the NEF shows how commissioners can make specific practical changes to engage more effectively with the sector and put these opportunities into practice.

Mindful Nation UK

June 6, 2016

Mindful Nation UK provides evidence of the effectiveness of mindfulness training in health and education. We summarise the issues raised and comment on the benefits and challenges of the approach, such as the difficulties of implementing high quality mindfulness.