Telling stories: reality, fiction and local government

How has local government been represented in fiction through different periods? What stories does it tell us and does the fictional portrayal of councils and councillors reflect the reality of this world (and should it) and critically does fiction itself influence that reality? Janet Sillett…

Future Local

Over the summer of 2016 we published a series of essays online which looked at the future for devolved local government. The essays are now available in a single PDF.

Future Local Part 7: Global participation

In the final part of our Future Local series, Jane Sankarayya looks to a global future for smaller towns and cities - acting in concert with other cities around the world and apart from their home nations.

Future Local Part 6: At the centre of local economic life

In the sixth article in our Future Local series, Jennifer Glover asks how the role of councils must adapt to the changing economic circumstances brought about by the phasing-out of the Revenue Support Grant, devolution deals and Brexit.

Future Local Part 5: Local leadership

The fifth in our Future Local essay series looks at how we might invest in leaders to ensure they have the support to do their jobs as more power is devolved.

Future Local Part 4: A taxing issue

In the fourth part of the LGiU's series on the future of local government after the EU referendum, Lauren Lucas argues that the promise of devolution is hollow without a review of our centralised system of taxation.