Report: Project resilience

Resilience is a term that is used with increasing frequency in local government.  It is often used to talk about how an area or a community might respond to a specific set of circumstances, like a flood or a period of rising unemployment or ongoing demographic change.

This new paper from the LGiU puts forward the case for an understanding of resilience that takes a holistic view of an area with all the complexity and interconnected challenges it may contain. It argues that democratic collaboration between state, civil society and citizens is the most effective way to bring about lasting, meaningful change and create resilient places that are able to respond to concurrent changing circumstances and emergencies.

Project resilience is intended to stimulate a debate about resilience in the 21st century that puts local democracy at the heart of the concept. We advance five theses about resilience in local government that we intend to investigate over the coming months.

9 Jun 2015
Andrew Walker, Andy Johnston and Jonathan Carr-West
Relates to
21st Century Resilience
Public Service Reform and Corporate Performance, Sustainability and Environmental issues
Full report (PDF, 765.06 KB)