Report: Managing floods: Supporting local partnerships

Local authorities have responsibility for managing surface water flood risk. In this report we recommend that do this effectively they will need to set up local flood forums to provide coordination and leadership for complex stakeholder partnerships. We also recommend that the government should support this work by reallocating the current budget for flood risk. As surface water is the principle threat for the majority of properties at risk of flooding, local authorities should have the control the majority of the budget to manage that risk.

An effective response to flooding will require close partnerships between the public and private sector, but it will also rely on engagement with citizens and at all levels of government.

Our report brings together case studies of Greater Manchester, Kent County Council, and the Oxford Flood Partnership, which demonstrate a range of approaches to this challenge.

31 Oct 2014
Andrew Walker, Andy Johnston
Transport, Voluntary Sector and Community Engagement
Full report (PDF, 594.17 KB)