Report: Making outcomes based commissioning a reality

The Local Government Information Unit (LGiU) has been working for years to support better home care with our member councils, with home care providers and with those involved intimately in the business of care – care workers, people who need care and their families. 

The absence of information systems that can measure outcomes, facilitate communication and create greater transparency between councils, providers and care receivers and their families has resulted in a crisis of trust. Councils aren’t able to trust providers sufficiently to afford them the freedoms they require to achieve outcomes and providers aren’t able to trust that councils will reward them for providing quality care. Families both aren’t trusted by the care system to actively participate in providing care and are rapidly losing faith that the system is able to keep their loved ones safe and dignified. Outcomes-based commissioning (OBC) turns this equation around. Councils set priorities for better quality of life and maintaining dignity and independence for as long as possible. OBC has been an aspiration for many councils, but hardly anyone has achieved it.

This paper explores some of the issues around why achieving outcomes based commissioning has been so slow, explains how technology can help and sets out new models of payment that can increase trust, reduce costs and improve quality.
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7 Dec 2018
Ingrid Koehler and Oscar Alexander
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CoCare: tech for outcomes based commissioning
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