Report: Local partnership working for a vibrant night time economy

The night time economy is becoming a central part of the future of the UK high street, as bars, restaurants and clubs take over retail premises and new options for evening entertainment spring up across the country.

Councils are leading the way in developing night time economy strategies that recognise the immense opportunity for local people, businesses and council finances. A robust night time economy strategy helps to minimise problematic behaviour such as violence and intoxication, and instead fosters an inclusive, diverse environment for locals and visitors to enjoy in a safe and healthy way. It can reduce costs, boost business rate income, improve community wellbeing and create jobs.

To help shed light on this important area, LGiU and Portman Group conducted a survey of over 100 council leaders, cabinet members, chief officers and service directors in English local authorities on their approach to managing the evening and night time economy. The survey was undertaken to determine how local government views their local night time economy, the particular local challenges they face and who takes the lead on this policy area within the council. This new report from LGiU presents the findings from that survey.