Report: Future Local

Over the summer of 2016 we published a series of essays online which looked at the future for devolved local government.

The essays look to a future with an even more independent local government with clear powers, clear vision and a clear role in driving prosperity and ambition locally. There are seven chapters looking at:

  • Sovereignty: A look back at pre-war local government to make the case for a more muscular municipalism.
  • Creative destruction: The need for a better narrative about democratic renewal in our devolution plans.
  • A written constitution: The need for a constitutional settlement in a post-European age which establishes clear and un-erodable powers for local government.
  • The financial future of local government, including a more solid fiscal base and new forms of taxation.
  • Local leadership: The potential for more impressive and diverse local leadership in a devolved system and the support these leaders will need.
  • At the centre of local economic life: A more aggressive and innovative role for local government in promoting local growth.
  • Global participation and leadership of British local authorities.

Future Local is now available to download in one PDF. The online essays can be viewed on Social Shorthand.

14 Nov 2016
Jonathan Carr-West; Andrew Walker; Janet Sillett; Ingrid Koehler; Lauren Lucas; Dan Garfield; Jennifer Glover; Jane Sankarayya
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Future Local: where next for devolution?
Devolution, Democracy, Scrutiny and Governance, Voluntary Sector and Community Engagement
Full report (PDF, 1.53 MB)