Report: Elections communications for better democracy 2019

Democracy is difficult in the best of times, but when the polity is questioning governance, decision-making and accountability it becomes even harder.

Local authorities have responsibility for running elections and by and large do an excellent job of managing registration, balloting and counting. But more could be done to make our democracy better by taking a few simple, low or no cost steps for more transparent candidate and results data.

This guide is written for communications, elections and returning officers, but is also important for policy leads and councillors who want to increase voter engagement and accountability.

Want to help us tell the story of the local elections?

We are looking for councillors, candidates and officers who are involved in this May’s local elections. If you are willing to share photos, videos and do a couple of quick telephone interviews before the election and during the count please get in touch with

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26 Mar 2019
Ingrid Koehler
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Local Elections 2019 #LE2019
Devolution, Democracy, Scrutiny and Governance
Full report (PDF, 1.77 MB)