Report: Devolution: a road map

Despite recent progress, Britain still remains one of the most centralised countries in the western world. Perhaps the starkest indication is that only two per cent of taxation in the UK is raised locally, compared with at least double that in countries such as France, Germany, the United States or Canada.

This Road Map from LGiU outlines proposals to invert the current relationship between central and local government by creating a locally led process of devolution in England, which would strengthen local economies and improve public services.

It sets out the practical ways in which devolution can happen at scale and at speed to avoid a bureaucratic log jam in Whitehall. Key elements of the Road Map include:

  • a system of accountable checks and balances overseen by Parliament (and responsive to local citizens);
  • devolved power to networks of towns and counties across the country as well as cities; and
  • a culture of collaboration between local authorities, sharing expertise and resources to achieve better outcomes for the public.
4 Jun 2015
Patrick Diamond and Jonathan Carr-West
Relates to
Devolution, Democracy, Scrutiny and Governance, Economy and Regeneration, Public Service Reform and Corporate Performance
Full report (PDF, 1.59 MB)