Report: Care and continuity: Contingency planning for provider failure

Councils have a duty of care to people in their area who receive care. If something happens to their care provider, councils have a moral and legal duty to help them find new care.

This guide, which supports the implementation of the Care Act 2014, was developed on behalf of ADASS, the Department of Health and the LGA.  It outlines some of the reasons care providers fail and how councils have responded to the need to help people find new care. It is also a practical guide to developing contingency and continuity plans to help councils prepare for any provider failure and work through disruption with providers, care users and their families. It was developed through an open process in collaboration with social care professionals, the financial services industry, emergency planners and provider and user representatives.

Directors of Adult Social Care will find this a useful overview with key checklists to ensure that provider failure is being prepared for. Commissioners and those responsible for developing contingency and continuity plans will find in-depth practical support for the task at hand.

Care & Continuity

As part of this guide we have also developed a resource pack with sample plans and links to additional useful guidance.