Report: Building a vibrant night time economy

The phrase ‘night time economy’ may have unfortunate connotations for some, but in actuality a vibrant and diverse night time economy brings with it many benefits. It boosts local businesses by attracting visitors from out of town to spend money in the centre, without fear of becoming a victim of crime. Young people are more likely to stick around after they finish their education if they have a diverse range of nightlife options, preventing a ‘brain drain’ in the local workforce. It provides opportunities for children and teenagers to socialise that do not revolve around alcohol. It reduces the burden on police and A&E resources through preventative rather than reactive approaches.

Many areas that have been plagued by problems caused by their night time economy have pulled off remarkable transformations.

In this report, produced with support from Portman Group, we have drawn on case studies from across England and Wales to develop 5 recommendations for local authorities. By gathering together examples of best practice, we hope to encourage those working in local government to take the first steps towards setting up similar activities in their local area.

8 Jul 2016
Jennifer Glover
Crime, policing and community safety, Culture and sport, Economy and Regeneration
Full report (PDF, 811.32 KB)