Provider failure contingency planning outline guidance

What do you think of the proposed outline for contingency planning? What would you include? What would be most helpful?

Proposed contingency planning guidance outline 

Background to the guidance:

  • Who, why, what?
  • Specific care act legislation
  • How it links with the other three strands.
  • How to use the guidance

Typology of failure:

Includes survey findings about number of failures and anticipated failures.

  • Residential care: planned and emergency and semi-failures (e.g. re-registration as residential as opposed to nursing care)
  • Home care: planned and emergency and ‘soft’ failures of larger scale providers
  • Special circumstances of specialist failure
  • When to trigger the guidance

Case studies:

These may well be actually interspersed with the typology of failure. We will aim to include, residential care, home care and specialist care failure stories and how contingency planning helped or lack thereof hindered.

Contingency planning template(s):

  • There will be some advice on how to tailor templates and how they should be stored (knowledge management is an issue in some councils) who should be informed of the contingency plan and how often they should be updated.
  • The templates will be based on samples provided by councils, the development and final workshops.
  • Semi-anonymised contingency plans (removing names of officers in the plan and contact details)

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