Project: Exploring life chances for children: serial podcast

This autumn we’ll be bringing you a multi-part, serial podcast on growing up in the UK today. What determines a child’s life chances?  What are we doing as a society to make those chances better?

Children’s services and education are the top immediate financial pressure for councils and most councils are over-spending on children’s services. At the same time, local authorities are having to make tough choices about children’s social services focusing on children who are already in crisis while making cuts to preventative services.

And how are doing for children who aren’t ‘at risk’? Quality of life services – from parks to playgroups and libraries to leisure centres – that can make a difference to a better childhood and better outcomes as an adult are all under the fiscal knife.

We will explore what it’s like to grow up in Britain and the special circumstances that can make childhood more challenging or more rewarding. We will talk to leaders and practitioners, researchers, parents and young people to find out what we can do to improve life chances.

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay