Project: CoCare: tech for outcomes based commissioning

The LGiU is working Kingston Council and with technology and design partners Tackle and Cubicus to develop CoCare an app and information system which supports outcomes based commissioning in home care.

What’s the problem?

Home care is in crisis. There is a perfect storm of reducing budgets, rising costs and demand, low wages, an overburdened workforce and an antiquated and ineffective way of commissioning care. This is bad for care workers, care users and for councils. The way care is currently commissioned treats care workers as widgets and care users as almost-choiceless consumers of units of care through a rigid system of time and task. This has to change.  LGiU research found that 70% of officers and elected members working in social care saw commissioning for outcomes as ‘‘very important’, but most councils have no systematic way of monitoring outcomes. As councils lack ways of measuring the day-to-day effectiveness of care provided, they cannot manage poor practice and risks of harm or reward good performance.

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What’s the solution?: A platform that gives you honest data about people’s quality of care and enables outcome based commissioning.

Outcomes-based commissioning focusses councils, care agencies and care workers on the quality of life of the people who receive care. By shifting the focus from time and task to the effectiveness of care, care providers will need to innovate to improve the quality of their care. Many councils are seeking to deliver outcomes based commissioning, but don’t know how to achieve that. Outcomes-based commissioning will not be possible without robust and routine systems for measuring and monitoring outcomes. This style of commissioning will not solve all of the problems of home care. But many see outcomes based commissioning as the lynchpin to better home care for clients and better conditions and pay for home care workers. We do, too. And our solution is designed to support the information needs of outcomes based commissioning.

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Plans for 2017

We’re in development now with Kingston Council designing a solution that will work for councils and care providers everywhere. Get in touch to find out how you can be a part of the CoCare outcomes revolution.

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