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Local authorities are in a precarious financial situation.

With a Government preoccupied with Brexit, the creaking NHS and the housing crisis, the urgent questions about future council resourcing remain unanswered.

Business rate retention policy has been scaled back and delayed, the fair funding review and social care green paper are long overdue, and all the while Revenue Support Grant is still on course to disappear by 2020.

Councils are facing a cliff-edge and need answers now. 2018 must be the year this happens.

LGiU is leading the Local Finance Taskforce, working with senior local government representatives and sector experts to raise the profile of these issues to a wider audience and force the Government to provide much-needed policy clarity. 

We will:

  • Ensure the issue stays at the top of the media agenda by working with stakeholders and bringing the issue to different audiences
  • Lay out a road map for the future sustainability of local finance and spark debate about the best options
  • Bring local government voices strongly into the debate by facilitating constructive conversations with Government that results in consensus moving forward

What are we calling for?

Senior councillors and officers are speaking with one voice on this issue, as demonstrated by the responses to our annual State of Local Government Finance survey in February. We asked them what they want to see from Government and they are calling for:

  1. A formal consultation on all the options for the future of local government funding
  2. A commitment to maintain a consistent level of funding for 3 years
  3. A commitment to cover costs to local government associated with future changes to business rate policies
  4. Clear vision for the future of adult social care and devolution, in order to facilitate forward planning and investment

How can you help?

Building on the momentum of our State of Local Government Finance survey in February, which sparked an ongoing national debate about the sustainability of council finances, we have a packed programme in the run-up to the Autumn Statement. Our main pieces of work will include:

1. Take part in our consultation: Options for reforming local government finance

We want to hear your views on the options in the Local Finance Scorecard. Write as much or as little as you like – we want to hear from as many people as possible. We will be using this feedback to inform our pre-Autumn Budget campaign calls.

2. Speak to the press: Share stories from your council about the human impact of ongoing financial uncertainty with your local and national media contacts, to help them explain the situation.

3. Host a regional roundtable: We are looking for councils to host our series of events on the solutions to the funding crisis. If you think you could help, contact Jennifer Glover.

4. Show your supportSpread the word about the challenges facing the sector to maintain the visibility of the issue and put pressure on Government by sending a simple tweet!

  • Tweet your support using the template below
  • Use the hashtag #FixCouncilFunding when sharing your own work or relevant news

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