Policy Programme 2018

This year we are delivering three major local authority-led projects that will provide a voice for the sector and move the dial on some of the most urgent issues within local government – homelessness, finance and public trust.

We will work with a wide range of council representatives to challenge central government’s record on localism and find solutions that work for local people. Each project will be led by a steering group drawn from LGiU membership.

Homelessness Commission

Led by local government the Commission will investigate what councils can do to prevent and address homelessness in line with and beyond new duties.

Public Trust Lab

Working with innovative councils and experts in this field we will explore issues of trust between the citizen and state and what difference changing levels of trust have on outcomes in services and on a vibrant democracy.

Local Finance Taskforce

We will be leading a taskforce of senior local government representatives and sector experts to address the precarious financial situation of local government and provide a strong voice to demand answers on how we fund our vital local public services.