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Tracking your preventative spend: a step by step guide

This podcast is on our recent step-by-step guide to tracking your council’s preventative spend, produced as part of a wider project on the importance of investing in preventative services. The project, in partnership with Mears and Camden Council, maps Camden’s spend on services which reduce and delay the need for care and support for older people.

LGiU Policy Manager Laura Wilkes is leading the project. In this short podcast, we hear from Laura on the thinking behind the project, and the purpose of the toolkit.

House Proud: how councils can raise standards in the private rented sector

The LGiU has launched a report, in partnership with the Electrical Safety Council, called “House Proud: How councils can raise standards in the private rented sector”. The report looks at how local authorities are engaging with the private rented sector, an increasingly important part of the housing market in England and Wales, and how they can work to improve standards in the sector.

In this short podcast we hear from Phil Buckle, Director General of the Electrical Safety Council, and Lauren Lucas, Policy Manager at the LGiU, on the report’s key findings, the role of councils, and the report’s key recommendations.

Connected Localism

In this short podcast, LGiU Chief Executive Jonathan Carr-West talks about some of the key themes explored in Connected Localism. Jonathan also discusses the essay’s contributions from Patrick Diamond, Anthony Zacharzewski, Sophia Parker and Richard V.Reeves.