C’llr Achievement Awards: Place-shaping and Environment Award

A strong and clear vision is needed in order to create places that people want to live and work in, and councillors play an integral role in shaping that vision and making it a reality. A large part of this vision will of course look at the physical landscape, town planning and building design, but place-shaping can also be about councils supporting vibrant thriving communities.

Councils are responsible for many aspects of life that have a direct impact on community and individual wellbeing – housing, environment, transport, green space, culture, health and education, you name it. And as local government is faced with difficult financial circumstances, it is more important than ever to recognise the achievements of councillors setting a positive vision for their area’s future.

Equally, understanding people’s needs and priorities when designing public space and public services is key to building a healthy, happy society, and this cannot be done without engaging people in the process.

This award will celebrate a councillor who has shown creativity, vision and leadership in shaping their community, whether through pioneering a particular project that has improved the lives of residents, or by designing and delivering a forward-looking place-shaping strategy in partnership with the people.

The winner of this award will:

  • Be a pioneer of people-centred planning and sustainability
  • Have delivered an innovative place-shaping project or strategy
  • Have engaged their community in shaping the vision for their area

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