Press release: State of the Locals – the results

May 3, 2019

State of the Locals – the results

Jonathan Carr-West, Chief Executive, LGiU said:

“Results in these elections have been far more dramatic than anyone expected. For the Conservatives, the loss of more than a thousand seats and 40 councils is little short of catastrophic while Labour will be concerned to be moving backwards and to be losing heartland councils like Middlesborough or Bolsover. Meanwhile the Liberal Democrats, Greens and Independents have been resurgent.

The meaning of all this will be fiercely debated but it’s clear that Brexit has been a dominant factor as local government is once again overshadowed by dysfunctional national politics.

Attention is deflected from the crisis faced by local government and local public services and the real issues they face. A decade of austerity has left many councils close to breaking point. That’s what we should be focusing on instead of the gridlock in Westminster.

Today’s results usher in a new wave of councillors who will have to rise to the urgent challenges that lie ahead.”