CCLA Local Growth Achievement of the Year

In straitened times local government can provide a vital boost to economic prosperity for hard hit communities. Many councillors work tirelessly with local people, businesses, and the rest of the public sector, tapping into whatever resources are available, in order to create opportunities for their communities to thrive.

This is a particularly challenging task as councils’ budgets are facing unprecedented strain. Helping to stimulate growth and creating the means for citizens to take greater control of their lives is, therefore, a significant achievement.

The CCLA Local Growth Achievement of the Year Award aims to recognise and celebrate outstanding councillors who have been instrumental in promoting local economic growth within their communities.

The councillor who wins this category will demonstrate:

  • Evidence of building networks and relationships across private, public and third sectors to use the resources and assets in the area as effectively as possible
  • A clear vision of the positive effects that growth can have for communities, beyond the immediate economic impacts
  • The ability to articulate that vision in order to build support and drive change
  • How they have acted as a figurehead, providing leadership and guidance, while championing the work of citizens