Leader of the Year Award

The leader of the council is fundamental to the strategic direction of the council – in setting the vision and priorities and making sure that they are delivered. Effective leaders will be successful in uniting the group and cabinet, listening to the concerns of all councillors and ensuring that competing voices and priorities are heard.

As the public face of the council, leaders will have strong relationships with community groups and put the community at the heart of what they do. They will be prepared to answer the difficult questions that need answering and ensure that they are held accountable for decisions that are made.

The councillor who wins this category will demonstrate:

    • outstanding commitment to their role as a councillor and council leader
    • clear vision for the council and community that addresses significant concerns of the community
    • evidence of successfully leading the council towards achieving the vision
    • strong relationships with community groups and council partners
    • commitment to accountability and scrutiny
    • how they have overcome splits and factions within the group, successfully uniting them to deliver outcomes for the community.

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