Investing in prevention

CamdenLogoThe London Borough of Camden explains why they are embarking on a project with the LGiU to look more closely at its spend on ‘preventative’ or ‘early action’ services.

“The London Borough of Camden has set a number of ambitious aims through its Camden Plan. The Camden Plan is an ambitious and visionary document within which we have set ourselves some long-term challenging goals, such as to eliminate child poverty within the borough, have all of our young people in education, employment or training and to have the country’s best schools in the borough in the next decade.

In order to be able to achieve these objectives the Council is looking at the way in which it invests in local public services, the efficiency of these investments, how it operates as an organisation and ultimately the outcomes that it achieves.

Camden already values and promotes investment in preventative services, for example in adult social care and children’s services, and the Council is keen to better understand how services across the organisation contribute to our goals in this way.

As part of our organisational change programme we have already begun work in relation to outcome-based budgeting and better use of data, with a strong emphasis on working across organisational silos, and this exciting project can help us to develop our thinking in these important areas while developing a common understanding of prevention and its benefits for the Council.”

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