C’llr Achievement Awards: iESE’s Finance and Transformation Award

Money is always front of mind for councillors, particularly with the ongoing financial squeeze on local government. But we know that many councils are transforming their services by taking new and challenging approaches to efficiency.

This award will recognise a councillor who has shown vision in maximising the resources available to the council to deliver outstanding services to residents. This could take many forms, including: making smart investment decisions and leveraging funds; pursuing new commercial projects; championing sustainable financial practices; encouraging lean and efficient practices; breaking down internal silos; or transforming whole systems to focus on the service user.

This award will go to a councillor who has either:

  • Championed innovative and sustainable financial strategies within their council
  • Pursued visionary transformation programmes that have improved the quality of services
  • Contributed to an efficient, entrepreneurial and lean work culture within the council

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This award is sponsored by iESE.

“iESE have been supporting public sector organisations to help meet the challenges they face for over 10 years, and in that time, have delivered over £1bn of savings.

We deliver results, not reports. Every £1 a partner has invested with us has a return of around £5.

We have delivered improvements in a variety of specialisms for over 95% of local authorities.

‘Improvement and Efficiency Social Enterprise’ (iESE) originally operated as one of the Regional Improvement and Efficiency Partnerships (RIEPs). In 2012, at the request of many UK local authorities, iESE became a social enterprise with the objective of identifying, fostering and delivering improvements and efficiencies across the public sector.

iESE is a non-profit company limited by guarantee and it is made up of members and directors in local authorities across the UK.

We are passionate about public sector service improvement because we are run by the public sector, for the public sector.

We are a social enterprise, not a consultancy, meaning we are motivated by making meaningful improvement across the sector. Any surplus we generate is re-invested into projects which benefit the whole sector.

Our very experienced team is led by CEO, Dr Andrew Larner and a network of subject matter experts enabling us to support all types of public body.

We transform all aspects of public service from leadership, corporate management and councillors to both back office and front line service.”

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