Cllr Achievement Awards: Finance and Economic Development Award

The budget is always front of mind for councillors, particularly with the ongoing financial squeeze on local government. But we know that many councils are taking new and innovative approaches to their council’s financial management and the area’s economic development.

This award will recognise a councillor who has shown vision in maximising the resources available to the council to deliver outstanding services to residents or supporting and nurturing economic development in the region. This could take many forms, including: making smart investment decisions and leveraging funds; pursuing new commercial projects; championing sustainable financial practices; finding efficiencies; scrutinising the financial management of the council; supporting new economic ventures; investment in skills and infrastructure;

This award will go to a councillor who has either:

  • championed innovative and sustainable financial strategies within their council;
  • contributed to an efficient and entrepreneurial work culture within the council which demonstrates good value for money;
  • supported local economic growth, job creation and/or skills investment for the benefit of residents.

Successful submissions should:

  • focus on how the councillor has effectively managed council finances to secure long term funding for the council and/or any innovations they have supported/led;
  • provide clear examples of relevant work or projects they have been closely involved with in their role as a councillor;
  • outline how this work has benefitted the council and the residents it serves, or will benefit them in the future.

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