Daily News

Our Daily News bulletin is a unique, bespoke summary of what’s in the news about local government, warts and all – emailed to you before breakfast every day.

In the past year the LGiU Daily News has grown to 20,000 readers – including:

  • Leaders and Chief Execs
  • Ministers, parliamentarians and DCLG officers
  • Local and national press
  • Academics
  • Councillors and staff in councils across the country

I’m an LGiU member – how do I get Daily News?

Manage your preferences to add Daily News to your LGiU subscriptions. Anyone who works at an LGiU member organisation can receive our bulletins.

If you’re not sure whether or not your organisation is in membership, check here.

I’m not an LGiU member – can I get Daily News?

Every day the Daily News team tweets a selection of local government news items. You can follow them on Twitter to see what’s new in local government throughout the day. If your organisation is interested in a free trial of Daily News and other LGiU services then please email info@lgiu.org.uk