Councils and partners: a refresher

Do you know your PCSO from your Special constable? Who is this so called section 151 officer? And why should you know what a BID is?

The need to know more, across a wider range of stakeholders and issues is the reality for councillors today. Greater transparency and broader awareness among the general public mean that more is expected of our councillors than ever before. Campaigning groups and petitions on everything from rat running to estate regeneration are springing up as fast you can say googlegroup; yet at the same time continuing financial pressures force difficult choices in an increasingly complex and demanding environment.

To help people fill in some knowledge gaps in the run up to the elections next year, LGiU has put together a series of short courses. 
Sessions will cover:

  • The Council: structures, budgets, powers, responsibilities.
  • Being a Candidate: dealing with modern social media engagement, campaigning and the world we live in today.
  • Partners: an introduction and overview of powers, funding and how they operate covering Police, Fire, Business, Education, Housing and Health.

The courses offer general overviews and will be useful for anyone who feels that they need to know a bit more about the whys and wherefores of council and partner structures, and the place of social media in the councillor role.

Sessions will be run at various locations across London in January and February at times that suit individuals – after work, during the day or on a Saturday. Evening sessions will be 2 hours and daytimes will take about 6-7 hours.

Please contact if you are interested.