C’llr magazine February 2017

Special feature: Big ideas

  • Jonathan Carr-West sets the scene
  • Tom Jeffery on the role of think tanks
  • Matthew Taylor ask what we do when the lessons of the past don’t necessarily apply to the future
  • John Denham talks to Mark D’Arcy about the place of English identity in future politics
  • Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees on cities and the future
  • Alexandra Jones of Centre for Cities says that in 2017 places should refresh and renew their economic purpose
  • Cllr John Pollard, leader of Cornwall County Council, on accountability and public participation
  • Catherine Heffernan on using Hackathons to generate new ideas
  • Eleanor Kelly, Chief Executive of Southwark Council on thinking the unthinkable
  • Adam Lent from NLGN argues that councils need a shift of culture
  • Anthony Zacharzewski from the Democratic Society says that it is only local government that can make democracy meaningful


Jonathan Carr-West on the year ahead

Marginalia – a universal basic income

Impact report

A drama unfolds

Carol Grant on the NHS

Media watch

David Brindle on the politics of potholes

The c’llr interview – Marcus Jones

Mark D’Arcy talks to the local government minister

A question of trust

Chris Naylor on why it is so important to get customer service right

Small is beautiful

Andrew Walker introduces the recent LGiU/FMB report on building houses on small sites

C’llr Awards

C’llr talks to Lynn Pallister winner of the county and unitary councillor of the year award

C’llr Awards

Fozia Shaheen won the young councillor of the year award

Open to challenge

Mark Townsend, leader of Burnley Council, explains the benefits of a recent peer review

A radical renewal

Paul James, Leader of Gloucester Council on the city’s major renewal plans

Too much top down

Andrew Walker on a recent LGiU/National Trust report into the planning system

If at first you don’t succeed…

It’s 40 years since Dave Wilcox first put himself forward to be a councillor

Balance of power…

History tells us you can’t always rely on the other party to keep to their half of a deal, writes Alan Waters

Feb 2017
Special Feature
Big ideas
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