C’llr magazine December 2016

And so the year draws to a close and politically speaking what a year it has been. The special feature of the December edition of c’llr is populism. We look at what has happened over the last 12 months – Brexit, the election of Donald Trump, the rise of popular political movements across Europe: but we also, as you would expect give it a local slant too. What do the changing landscape┬ámean for local government and local democracy?

Special feature: Populism

  • Jonathan Carr-West sets the scene
  • Patrick Kelley wonders whether we will see a surge in populist movements in local government
  • Political debate is becoming more polarised and Andrew Walker asks if we have lost the ability to disagree
  • Ingrid Koehler on where politics goes from here
  • Mark D’Arcy on how Westminster is responding to the shifting political geography
  • Popular political movements are on the rise across Europe. Andrew Walker takes a look
  • Referendums don’t always bring the result that governments want. Liverpool will know this as they ponder whether to hold a major referendum on council tax
  • Misinformation about health issues can swiftly become popular currency; but Catherine Heffernan thinks that people power can promote good health

Uncertain futures

Jonathan Carr-West on why councillors have a crucial role to play amid all this political uncertainty

Marginalia – Lottocracy for councillors?

Impact report

Still no home for Cathy?

Carol Grant on homelessness and two Ken Loach films made 50 years apart

Media watch

David Brindle examines how the BBC is giving a helping had to local media

Waking the sleeping giants

Matthew Hamilton from District Councils Network explains the vital role these councils can play in encouraging healthy lifestyles

Speaking truth to power

Mark Smulian talks to Jo Miller, Chief Executive of Doncaster and new president of SOLACE

Build on the success of TeamGB

Local authorities and schools have a key role to play in producing the next generation of top athletes and tackling obesity and inactivity writes Cllr Chris Hayes of RB Kingston upon Thames and the London Youth Games Foundation

A question of trust

Eleanor Kelly, chief executive of LB Southwark on why community engagement is increasingly important

The c’llr interview – Jim McMahon MP

Mark D’Arcy speaks to the former Leader of Oldham who is now helping develop Labour’s thinking on local government’s role and powers

Osborne’s devo legacy

Mark Smulian on the story so far in the run up to next May’s votes for elected mayors

Care comes together

Greater Manchester have appointed a council chief executive to run its CCG – will this usher in a more holistic approach to health and care

The c’llr awards

Meet the winners of this year’s c’llr achievement awards

Get smart!

Claire Maugham from Smart Energy GB on the potential of energy data and smart technology for revolutionising health and social care

Flicks in the sticks

Ian Kerry, Director of Arts Alive and Flicks in the Sticks talks about a scheme that brings movies to the people

Reframing smart cities

An upcoming conference will look at how far technology can go in helping local authorities address their priorities

Word perfect

Cllr Iain Malcolm, Leader of South Tyneside Council, describes how an innovative approach to the area’s central library is driving innovation

Picture this…

Alan Waters says the history of art is about so much more than paint on canvass and he laments its removal from the A level syllabus

Dec 2016
Special Feature
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