C’llr Magazine August 2016

August is traditionally the month for getting away to sunnier (or at least different) climes. So the special feature of the August edition of c’llr magazine is ‘Broader Horizons’ and we look abroad for some local government inspiration.

The c’llr interview is with Meg Hillier, the chair of the powerful Public Accounts Committee. We also take a little look at Brexit.

Special feature: Broader Horizons

  • Andy Johnston on the rise of the i-city
  • Catherine Heffernan on New York’s public health progress
  • The LGiU has recently launched a research and capacity building partnership with the Kosovo Local Governance Institute, Jonathan Carr-West explains
  • Andy Johnston on LGiU’s links with the Rwandan Association of Local Government
  • Ryan O’Connor from 8 80 Cities writes about its Emerging City Champions programme

Don’t let up on devolution

Jonathan Carr-West on referendum implications

Marginalia – Women mayors

Impact report

A summary of the LGiU’s work over the last few weeks

Wheeler’s world

Our last update from Heather Wheeler, MP

Media watch

Travel may broaden the mind but, says David Brindle, the media takes a dim view of politicians who go on publicly funded fact-finding trips

You have mail (too much mail)

Carol Grant says that email is becoming a barrier to efficiency

Sajid Javid

Mark D’Arcy profiles the new Communities Secretary

What now?

Local government and Brexit

The changing electoral landscape

Mark D’Arcy considers how the fallout from the referendum might affect the political scene locally

Stories from the brink

Ingrid Koehler introduces a new LGiU project that aims to bring the human side of social care provider failure to the fore

Project progress

An update from Lauren Lucas on the work of our projects team

The c’llr interview – Meg Hillier

Mark D’Arcy talks to the chair of the powerful Public Accounts Committee

Making the most of the night time

Jennifer Glover on developing a vibrant and safe night time economy

Long reads: in-depth and engaging

An introduction to the new long read articles that we have been publishing

Looking to the future

Ingrid Koehler introduces LGiU’s new collection of essays, ‘Future local’

Working on the home front

Jonathan Carr-West on our projects on planning and housing with the National Trust and with the Federation of Master Builders

Funding the powerhouse

Councillor Kieran Quinn, leader of Tameside Council and Chair for the Greater Manchester Pension Fund on generating a commercial return from pensions funds

Fighting food waste

Councillor Anthony Negus from Bristol Council on talking to supermarkets to cut out the waste

Sorting out Selby

Elizabeth Thompson talks to Mary Weastell who leaves her Chief Executive post at Selby this month for York

The write stuff

Jonathan Douglas, Director of the National Literacy Trust, on their pioneering work to encourage literacy for those most in need of support

Open for business

Mark D’Arcy reports from Shropshire – LGiU’s most recent joiner

Coalition’s community focus

Stoke on Trent’s coalition council

The view from Olympus

Alan Waters seeks a historical perspective on our place in Europe

Aug 2016
Special Feature
Broader Horizons
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