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We no longer publish C’llr magazine but you can browse through back copies here.

C’llr magazine September 2017

C'llr is now online only. Our new PDF style means we can bring you more dynamic articles and links to other relevant and interesting content. This month's feature is about the uncertainty facing local government: whether we are talking about future financing arrangements, what's happening…

C’llr magazine April 2017

Special feature: Elections Jonathan Carr-West on representation and democracy Hilary Kitchin reminds us of the publicity rules at election time Ingrid Koehler on the importance of accessible information during elections The mayoral elections – Mark Smulian provides a roundup of what is happening Catherine Fieschi looks…

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C’llr magazine December 2016

And so the year draws to a close and politically speaking what a year it has been. The special feature of the December edition of c'llr is populism. We look at what has happened over the last 12 months...

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C’llr magazine October 2016

Sovereignty and subsidiarity is the theme for the October edition of C’llr magazine. Alliteration aside, it boils down to a debate about where power lies, who exercises it and how are they held accountable. So far, so Brexit you might think – but what does…

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C’llr Magazine August 2016

August is traditionally the month for getting away to sunnier (or at least different) climes. So the special feature of the August edition of c'llr magazine is 'Broader Horizons' and we look abroad for some local government inspiration.

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