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LGiU Homelessness Commission 2019: Final Report

20 Jun 2019 in Reports

The LGiU Local Government Homelessness Commission was set up to investigate how councils can fulfil their obligation to prevent homelessness. This report is the first assessment of the state of homelessness prevention from the perspective of local government.

Homelessness – the road to prevention

29 Nov 2018 in Reports

In this long read Andrew Walker outlines the recent discussions of the LGiU's Homelessness Commission on how councils can support vulnerable people, particularly young people, in danger of becoming homeless and how they can use their data to join up services more effectively.

Does local government work for women?

26 Apr 2017 in Reports

This interim report from the Commission on Women in Local Government outlines key findings from data analysis of women’s representation in councils across England and Wales, carried out by the Centre for Women and Democracy. It also presents the findings of an LGiU survey of 2,304 councillors, carried out between December 2016 and January 2017.

Local Work: empowering local government to tackle worklessness

25 Mar 2010 in Reports

In this discussion document, the arguments for a radical and rapid devolution to local government of resources and responsibilities for tackling worklessness are set out. The many reasons why local government is ideally placed to tackle this country’s problems of entrenched worklessness are dealt with, but a key element of the argument concerns the proposed financing […]