Topic: Welfare and Equalities

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NatCen British Social Attitudes Survey 2019

4 Sep 2019 in Briefings

Every year NatCen surveys over 3,000 randomly selected people about life in Britain and their views on how the country is being run. The latest survey gives an insight into changing social and political attitudes which will be of interest to local government as community leaders, service providers and employers.

Densification and its objectors in Johannesburg, South Africa

5 Aug 2019 in Briefings

What are the reasons and objectives behind the drive for densification in South African cities generally and Johannesburg specifically? This briefing describes the policies to achieve densification in the city, why they have engendered animosity from resident groups and how the city is handling these objections.

Resolution Foundation: Low Pay Britain 2019

18 Jul 2019 in Briefings

This report coincides with two anniversaries: the twentieth year of the National Minimum Wage and the fourth full year of the National Living Wage, started in 2016. Set against a background in which both main parties are committing to raising the wage floor, it considers progress in tackling low pay.

Swift Read: Estimating child poverty locally across Scotland

11 Jul 2019 in Briefings

Why should child poverty be measured? This briefing looks at the case for effective data to understand the scale and nature of the local problem, to benchmark local experience of child poverty against those of other areas and to measure change to ascertain the extent to which interventions are working.

Local government leadership – how diverse is it really?

8 Jul 2019 in Briefings

How wide is the leadership gulf in the public sector? The Local Government Leadership report maps the gender and ethnocultural diversity of senior people in local authority organisations. Levels of ethno-cultural diversity are low. The position is better in terms of gender although it is still not good enough.