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Community collaboration: a councillor’s guide

28 Jul 2017 in Reports

Engaging people in the decisions that affect their lives is an essential feature of local democracy. This goes far beyond town hall meetings and opinion surveys: we must recognise that communities often hold the answers to their own problems and allow them an equal voice at the table. For the purposes of this report, we call this concept ‘Community Collaboration’.

Future Local

14 Nov 2016 in Reports

Over the summer of 2016 we published a series of essays online which looked at the future for devolved local government. The essays are now available in a single PDF.

Re-thinking decentralization

8 Jul 2016 in Reports

This policy paper was written by the Kosovo Local Government Institute. LGiU contributed to the paper as part of our partnership with the KLGI.

Devolution: A State of the Nation

9 Mar 2016 in Reports

For all the focus on Europe, it could be devolution that is the critical constitutional change of our era. Ahead of next week's Budget, Andrew Walker looks in depth at the prospects for radical change in local government.

Localism and New Communities

1 Dec 2014 in Reports

The report explores how councillors can provide leadership when building new homes and creating new communities. It contains innovative and practical recommendations to help them do so.

Managing floods: Supporting local partnerships

31 Oct 2014 in Reports

Floods have a huge, potentially disastrous impact on communities up and down the country. Though we can't stop it happening, we can look for ways to minimise the damage and to support those affected.

People-shaped places: how Lambeth let residents redesign the neighbourhood

2 Jun 2014 in Reports

LGiU has carried out an evaluation of Lambeth’s new approach to improving the local neighbourhood. Instead of asking residents  “do you support this proposal”, Lambeth wanted to ask residents “what would you like to see in this area?” The approach places local citizens in the driving seat and shows how Lambeth Council is seeking to […]

Strong Foundations: Building better dialogue between tenants and landlords

4 Nov 2013 in Reports

This is the final report of an LGiU project, supported by the Mears Group, which looked at how social landlords are engaging with their tenants on the ground. The project surveyed and interviewed registered social landlords, ALMOs and retained stock authorities. The findings are presented in the report and drawing on this research the report […]

Connected Localism

3 Jun 2013 in Reports

This collection of essays looks at how a localised, yet connected approach to public service innovation can help us meet complex social and political challenges.