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Tackling Hate Crime

29 Aug 2017 in Projects

In partnership with Cloisters Chambers, the LGiU ran a lunchtime roundtable to discuss the legal responsibilities of council employees and elected members in relation to tackling hate crime and the practical application of these duties.

Community Collaboration

23 Mar 2017 in Projects

LGiU is working in partnership with Local Trust to explore how councillors can actively support communities to lead their own projects by facilitating conversations, using their network and influence, and advocating within their local authority.

Commission on Women in Local Government

2 Oct 2016 in Projects

In 2016/17, LGiU worked in partnership with the Fawcett Society on a year-long Commission on Women in Local Government. The Commission was jointly chaired by Labour’s Dame Margaret Hodge MP and Conservative councillor Cllr Gillian Keegan, Director of Women2Win (now Gillian Keegan MP). Funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust, the Commission adopted a strategic approach and […]

LGiU Autumn programme

1 Sep 2015 in Projects

This autumn at the LGiU we are focusing on what it takes to help make stronger communities, stronger services and stronger local democracy.

Party Conferences 2015

10 Aug 2015 in Projects

LGiU will be heading to the Liberal Democrat, Labour, and Conservative Autumn Conferences. This page lists our planned events and collates our commentary.


31 Jul 2015 in Projects

We believe local government can excel at squeezing value out of what it owns – whether that’s the council HQ, a local museum or something out of the ordinary. This summer we want to celebrate local government and the spaces it’s responsible for. You’ve got until 31st August to tweet, email or otherwise send us […]

Putting cooperative principles into practice – an evaluation of the impact of Lambeth’s Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme

15 Jul 2014 in Projects

The LGiU was asked by Lambeth council to carry out an evaluation of the impact of the Council’s community engagement approach to improving local neighbourhoods. The project highlighted the benefits, as well as the potential challenges, of placing a community engagement strategy at the heart of the council’s strategy. The report looks at three local projects: the Neighbourhood […]

Local governance and flooding

9 Jul 2014 in Projects

Flooding is often unpredictable and always difficult to manage. Yet it is far more challenging when the systems we have in place to deal with flooding are fragmented, with the only coordination coming from centralised bodies of experts. Local knowledge is ignored too often and local people are rarely engaged in the issues. This LGiU project […]

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How can Local Authorities Help to Protect Community Pubs?

6 Sep 2013 in Projects

Pubs are a valuable and irreplaceable part of the social fabric and bring an immense amount of social value to communities.  But in the face of an uncertain future this LGiU project, in association with CAMRA, was set up to develop practical tools that could help unlock the social and community value of pubs. High rents, rising […]

Tenant engagement in social and council housing

3 Aug 2013 in Projects

In partnership with Mears this LGiU project investigated how social landlords engage with their tenants. Recent changes to the welfare system are having a massive impact on the relationship between residents, local authorities, and housing associations. In addition to this there are significant long-term problems, including a rapidly ageing population and climate change, which cannot be solved […]