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Groundhog day for civil society

9 Aug 2018

With limited fanfare, DCMS today launched the government’s latest civil society strategy proudly described as the first new such strategy in 15 years. Key features include a £165 million fund to support community organisations, a new Innovation in Democracy programme to pilot participatory democracy techniques such as citizens’ juries, more emphasis on public sector mutuals, […]

You can’t spell love without local government

18 May 2018

This weekend the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle takes place in Windsor.  LGiU wishes the couple every happiness in their new life together.  But what makes a successful royal wedding? Months of planning, love – I’m sure – and, a little bit of local government magic. While the focus this weekend will rightly be […]

Parks: celebrating their true value

21 Mar 2017

How important can parks be in the general order of things? asks Janet Sillett. When social care is under huge pressure and council budgets are squeezed everywhere? Parks? Nice for Spring bulbs maybe or a quick stroll with the dog; a kickabout or a snooze when the weather improves. But seriously – parks?

What next for democracy?

18 Jan 2017

2016 was a fairly tumultuous year, which has created a lively public debate around the future of democracy. This will be one of LGiU’s core policy themes for the coming year.  Many people feel completely disengaged from politics and disempowered by the operation of governments national and local. Meanwhile the future of devolution, which appeared […]