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The black hole of politics

20 Jun 2018

There is perhaps no local issue that unifies political parties so much as the pothole. (Particularly if you’re sitting in opposition). No one likes them. Everyone thinks they should be filled more quickly. And there’s no easier way for a local politician to grab a few column inches than by grimly pointing at a pothole. […]

The first 100 days – commitments, progress and tensions

19 Aug 2015

Can any modern UK government live up to Franklin D Roosevelt’s first 100 days in 1933 where the legislation was passed to create the New Deal (and where apparently the concept of the first 100 days was born)? It’s highly unlikely, but nevertheless politicos and the media like to judge how a new government measures up. […]

Municipal Postcard: Resilient by design

31 Jul 2015

For Andrew Walker resilience should be about looking at the whole context of a place and then thinking about urban design, infrastructure, economic growth and community engagement in radically different ways. He found examples aplenty in New York.

LGiU & CITB launch national series of Construction Summits

10 Apr 2014

LGiU and CITB, the Industry Training Board for the UK construction sector, have launched a national series of Construction Summits to explore how local government can best support the sector in order to deliver local economic growth.

Councils in the Driving Seat?

14 Feb 2014

LGiU and SEA have worked together on a state-of-the-nation look at local authorities and traffic enforcement. Our research shows that councils take their responsibility to deliver appropriate, local strategies which protect the law-abiding majority seriously. Councils have come in for criticism that their strategies are cynical and revenue-raising, but our research in fact finds that over 80% of councils reported either breaking even or losing money on enforcement. Moreover, the research finds that the negative rhetoric from DCLG is impeding local authorities’ ability to deliver on their statutory duties around traffic enforcement.

Empowering flooded communities

5 Feb 2014

One of the most striking images of the recent floods that have hit the South West has been the long term flooding of the Somerset Levels and the helplessness expressed by everyone from local residents to Prince Charles. Part of that helplessness is undoubtedly because the floods are caused by unpredictable weather patterns but it […]

Local authorities have a crucial role in making electric cars an attractive option

19 Apr 2013

Viewpoint: The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)’s Mark Rowney explains how local authorities can boost the demand for electric cars Although still early days, Britain has fallen behind other European countries in the take up of electric cars and other ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs). Across Europe, the number of people driving them is […]