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School Transport – DfE consultation and current state of provision

6 Sep 2019 in Briefings

The draft revised guidance clarifies LA statutory duties on home to school transport responding to concerns that some policies contain unlawful elements or are unclear and difficult to understand. Consultation closes 31 October 2019. The briefing also surveys the current state of provision.

High Speed Rail update – Summer 2019

23 Jul 2019 in Briefings

This briefing reports on recent key developments on the HS2 project, including an overview of a recent HofL’s Economic Affairs Committee report and an update on the progress of the enabling legislation for the project. HS2 is still highly contentious. Will the new PM have a different perspective on it?

Low Emission Zones – how low can you go?

1 Jul 2019 in Briefings

With the launch of London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, this briefing highlights what is now happening in Scotland to improve air quality and looks at one tool local governments everywhere can use in the fight to reduce vehicle emissions – Low Emission Zones.

Better Delivery: The challenge for freight

26 Jun 2019 in Briefings

The National Infrastructure Commission has reported to government on how to ensure the operation of an efficient, low carbon freight system that manages its impact on congestion. Its final report addresses a range of issues including decarbonising the freight sector and the recognition of freight’s role in the planning system.

NAO Report: Local Enterprise Partnerships: an update on progress

24 Jun 2019 in Briefings

The report by the National Audit Office published in May 2019 is on the changing role and remit of Local Enterprise Partnerships. The report also deals with progress in strengthening governance, assurance and transparency in LEPs and with funding spent through LEPs to date and future funding arrangements.

West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy

11 Jun 2019 in Briefings

The West Midlands Local Industrial Strategy was launched in May 2019 and builds on the heritage of the region’s manufacturing, research and technology sectors, taking advantage of skills and infrastructure innovation across the region.