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Metro Mayor Precept – Value for Money?

12 Feb 2019 in Briefings

If local taxpayers are now going to be asked to finance the running of a combined authority, are they getting value for money? We look here at the 2019-20 budget of the Liverpool Combined Authority and what has been achieved there since its inception.

Mobility as a Service: Transport Select Committee Report

29 Jan 2019 in Briefings

Mobility as a Service describes services which allow users to plan and book travel on multiple modes of transport from different providers in a single transaction. The Transport Select Committee’s report calls on the government to take a much more active role in shaping the future development of MaaS.

Electric vehicles

24 Oct 2018 in Briefings

The government’s Road to Zero Strategy sets out plans to meet the pledge of banning all new petrol and diesel cars by 2040. A number of other reports suggest that the government needs to do far more to support the roll-out of electric vehicles.

High Speed Rail update – Summer 2018

21 Aug 2018 in Briefings

This briefing reports on key developments on the HS2 project and related activities since September 2017. It includes an overview of recent government decisions relating to the second phase of HS2, an update on the progress of the enabling legislation for the project and a roundup of other related developments.

Planning for climate change: a guide for local authorities

24 Jul 2018 in Briefings

This new guide gives detailed advice on how to incorporate climate change into planning decisions, including the principles and approaches for ensuring local development decisions are compliant with the legal duty on local planning authorities to act on climate change.

Clean Air Strategy 2018

4 Jul 2018 in Briefings

The eagerly anticipated Clean Air Strategy is out for consultation. The Strategy includes measures on transport, in the home, industry and farming. This briefing focuses on transport and the home given their higher relevance to local authorities.

Joint Parliamentary Report on Air Pollution

31 May 2018 in Briefings

The report summarised here is the result of an unprecedented joint parliamentary committee investigation into government air quality policy. It argues that local authorities require significantly more support in order to tackle a public health crisis that leads to 40,000 avoidable deaths every year.

Urban Van Traffic

16 May 2018 in Briefings

The Urban Transport Group’s report examines the impact of rising levels of van traffic on air quality, congestion and the public realm in towns and cities. The report argues that policy-makers, including in local government, should be paying more attention to the implications.