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Viewpoint: Councils fighting for decent work

12 Aug 2019

Marcus Johns, researcher at IPPR North, discusses their recent work with northern local authorities to encourage high quality jobs for residents – and what other councils can learn from their experiences. Local authorities can help fight the enduring, severe job quality crisis we are facing. This crisis is characterised by low pay, insecure houses, and […]

A local alternative to unpaid internships

26 Apr 2017

For young people up and down the country, finding full time, permanent paid work is really tough. What many school leavers and graduates now face is being academically qualified for jobs but lacking the real work experience which many employers require as a minimum, writes Roshni Mistry.

Viewpoint: Work placement schemes – what is your experience?

13 Jul 2015

Cllr Karl Eastham from Southwark Council hopes to increase the job prospects of the young people in his borough with a work placement scheme. As he explains, he would be very interested to hear from anyone who has had experience in setting up or being involved in similar programmes around the country.

Viewpoint: Timewise Councils

7 Jul 2015

To help local authorities develop and implement real culture change around flexible working and hiring Timewise have developed the Timewise Council programme, Emma Stewart, Joint CEO of Timewise explains.

Designing services

7 May 2014

I’m a bit of a sucker for good design. From beautiful pens that make writing notes on heavy vellum a pleasure to sparkling glassware that balances in the hand and makes the wine taste just that much better. Design isn’t just about objects. Services are designed, too. And we can all tell the difference between […]

The living wage

15 Jan 2013

There is an increasingly interesting debate around the Living Wage. And, for once, it isn’t entirely party political. What do you think? What is the position of your local authority?

Open Public Services and the Voluntary Sector

22 Nov 2012

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations together with a number of partner organisations have published a collection of think pieces and case studies sharing the voluntary sector’s experiences of the Open Public Services agenda, writes Mark Upton.