Topic: Trade union and workforce issues

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How healthy is our workforce?

6 Dec 2018 in Briefings

What are the factors behind workforce sickness and what contributes to a healthy workforce? How can leaders and managers influence the content of any organisational health and wellbeing programme and how can they personally influence the culture of the organisation?

DfE – Teacher workload advisory group

28 Nov 2018 in Briefings

Teacher working hours in England are significantly higher than other countries with implications for recruitment and retention. The latest DfE plan to reduce workload is on data collection reduction, and also a letter from the Secretary of State signed by some national organisation (but not local government) announcing ‘there is still more to do’.

Public service comparisons within the EU

21 Nov 2018 in Briefings

This European Commission research is a snapshot of how the public services of the member states are doing. It provides a potential platform on which trends in performance can be measured across a range of performance criteria. The briefing is one of our series covering international local government issues.

Converting schools to academies: Public Accounts Committee

29 Aug 2018 in Briefings

The Commons Public Accounts Committee has reported on converting schools to academies drawing on National Audit Office work. It looks at local support for schools, including Academy Trust failure, and the consequences for the school system in England; it finds that “arrangements for oversight of schools are fragmented and incoherent”.

Alternative provision and exclusions: Commons Education Committee

16 Aug 2018 in Briefings

The Commons Education Committee report 'Forgotten children' finds that alternative provision (AP) is seen as a forgotten part of the education system, side-lined and stigmatised as somewhere only the very worst behaved pupils go. However, this is not the case, but the quality of provision is far too variable. And there is an alarming increase in ‘hidden’ exclusions from schools.

DfE: Fostering better outcomes

10 Aug 2018 in Briefings

‘Fostering better outcomes’ is the DfE’s response to two reports on improving local authority fostering of children covering improving the experience of children in foster care, greater stability, giving more responsibility to foster parents, better ways of matching parents to children, and new approaches to commissioning foster placements.

Rolling Out Universal Credit: NAO Report

7 Aug 2018 in Briefings

This briefing deals with the NAO’s June 2018 report on the roll out of Universal Credit. It will be of interest to officers and members in all types of authority concerned with in welfare reform, poverty reduction, and employment.