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LGiU Fortnightly 1st February: Trash talkin’ councils

1 Feb 2019

Bins – a perennial doorstep issue for voters, a frequent headache for councils. Following the launch of the Government’s new Resource and Waste Strategy, this week we’re talking trash. We speak to Dr Peter Maddox, Director of WRAP, about DEFRA’s new proposals, targets and consultations that will have major impact on how councils run their […]

LGiU Fortnightly 18th January: 2019, the year of the council (or maybe just Brexit)

18 Jan 2019

What does 2019 hold for local government? Is this the year councils finally get the clarity they desperately need on social care and funding? Although Whitehall is distracted by Brexit, there are some glimmers of hope that other policies are still on the agenda – including the NHS 10 year plan and the Waste Strategy. […]

FloodCitiSense – being alert to urban flooding

11 Jul 2018

LGiU is a partner in FloodCitiSense, a project that aims to develop, with involvement from citizens and local authorities, an urban pluvial flood early warning service. Susana Ochoa-Rodriguez from RPS Group, another of the project's partners, explains the latest stage of the project.

LGiU Fortnightly 27th April: Councils vs nature, and other tales

27 Apr 2018

LGiU Fortnightly is our new podcast, bringing you the latest news from the world of local government. We update you on the key events from the past fortnight, as well as news from us and our members, so you’re always in the loop. We’re always looking for more ways to bring you the information you need […]

Viewpoint: Parks are at a tipping point

15 Sep 2016

Mark Camley, chair of The Parks Alliance, discusses the crisis facing our parks and the challenges faced by the local authorities in managing our green spaces. Parks are on the national agenda at the moment. The publication of the recent Heritage Lottery Fund’s (HLF) report ‘State of UK Public Parks 2016’  is a significant moment […]

The governance of flooding in Britain is a mess

4 Jan 2016

As the full impact of this winter's floods becomes clearer local authorities are putting their plans into action and helping their communities to cope, writes Andy Johnston. Councils will rightly be expected to provide shelter for those made homeless, inform householders about support, reopen roads and work hand in hand with the emergency services. In addition, local authorities are responsible for local planning, housing and social care. Therefore, it is surprising to many that they only control 8% of the total amount spent on flooding and a jumble of other local and national organisations control the rest.

Resilience in Practice

5 Nov 2015

Resilience has become a widely used concept in policy circles, particularly in terms of flood response, climate change adaptation and community cohesion. But there are many interpretations and the term is used in different ways, by different organisations, in different contexts. Our new policy report, Resilience in practice, looks at some of the different interpretations and […]

Technology and Democracy

16 Sep 2015

Technology can enable us to build resilient places for communities to thrive, but only if it underpins democracy. Too often “technology” is treated as a spectacle, as a thing that will either solve all our problems, or create more, which may be insurmountable. But it only really means something in a social context. This makes […]