Topic: Social media and digital technology

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Online Data Privacy – what does the public think?

27 Nov 2018 in Briefings

Data privacy is a complex and contested issue, often obscured in jargon and compounded by a presence in and out of the media spotlight. This briefing summarises the findings of a Carnegie UK Trust report on online data privacy.

Disinformation and fake news: the state of play

15 Nov 2018 in Briefings

Efforts are being made to better understand and to regulate the environment of ‘fake news’ in an increasingly poisonous and potentially dangerous political environment. Intervention is needed at government and at international level. A government White Paper is expected during the next six months. What issues should it address?

Access to elections: tackling disability

9 Oct 2018 in Briefings

Evidence has been accumulating that many challenges and barriers are built into the electoral process for people experiencing disabilities. While some measures have been taken to address mobility and visual issues, those with learning difficulties or mental illness are facing particular obstacles that are not yet being addressed.

Culture is Digital

29 May 2018 in Briefings

Culture is Digital highlights the opportunities for collaboration between the cultural and technology sectors and builds on policy commitments in the Culture White Paper to review the digitisation of public collections and enhance the online cultural experience, and in the UK Digital Strategy to increase digital participation.

Essential Guide to Communications

23 May 2018 in Briefings

It has never been easier to communicate but it is also increasingly difficult to compete for attention. Councils have to get messages across compellingly in this new world of digital media. Our essential guide provides support for anyone working in local government who may have contact with the media .