Topic: Rural issues

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Going to town – putting towns on the policy map

10 Dec 2018 in Briefings

There has been less focus on towns as ‘engines of growth’ for the national economy, yet millions of people live, work, shop and socialise in towns. This briefing provides an overview of research and approaches used by governments to support towns in the UK and Ireland.

DCMS: Civil Society Strategy

13 Sep 2018 in Briefings

The DCMS Civil Society Strategy brings together the public sector, private businesses, charities and volunteers to tackle social problems and build a fairer society. Commitments include £165m to support community organisations, youth employment, address financial exclusion trial participatory democracy techniques, harness ‘tech for good’, and develop smarter and more flexible commissioning, social finance and public service mutuals. Local authorities are acknowledged as key agents.

Converting schools to academies: Public Accounts Committee

29 Aug 2018 in Briefings

The Commons Public Accounts Committee has reported on converting schools to academies drawing on National Audit Office work. It looks at local support for schools, including Academy Trust failure, and the consequences for the school system in England; it finds that “arrangements for oversight of schools are fragmented and incoherent”.

Sustainable tourism or fatal attraction?

15 Aug 2018 in Briefings

Tourism has often been pointed to as a possible source of income, jobs and development in more deprived areas of the UK. However, it presents its own opportunities and challenges. This briefing examines some of the advantages and disadvantages of encouraging tourism, particularly in more rural or remote areas.

Holiday Lets and Second Homes: the impacts

2 Aug 2018 in Briefings

There are parts of the UK where there are growing numbers of second homes, holiday homes and increasingly Airbnbs. Both the benefits and costs are often disputed: we consider evidence about their impact on housing, public services and communities in this briefing.

Swift Read: Notes from the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal conference

19 Jul 2018 in Briefings

Five cross-border councils (Carlisle City Council, Cumbria County Council, Dumfries and Galloway Council, Northumberland County Council and Scottish Borders Council) are committed to harness the area’s assets and promote sustainable economic growth. The UK government promised to work with this partnership towards a Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal.

The state of the environment – water resources

11 Jul 2018 in Briefings

Many sources of water supplies are overstretched and, with climate change and a growing population, much of England could see significant supply shortages by the 2050s - particularly in the South East. This briefing summarises the report into the state of water resources and considers how local authorities might respond.

LGiU Fortnightly 15th June: Lessons from Grenfell & Northamptonshire’s future

15 Jun 2018

After a turbulent 12 months for local government, we ask what lessons we should learn from the Grenfell Tower tragedy and Jonathan hears from Northamptonshire’s citizens on the future of their local democracy after the collapse of their county council. Plus the regular roundup of Daily News and LGiU briefings, including adult social care funding […]