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Beyond Devolution – the final report of the Local Democracy Network

12 Oct 2017 in Reports

At this key moment in the trajectory of the UK it is crucial to ask what the future has in store for local democracy. This is precisely what we do in Beyond Devolution, the final report of the Local Democracy Network, which LGiU convened throughout 2017 and comprised council leaders, chief executives, academics and experts from across the public sector.

Resilience in Practice

5 Nov 2015 in Reports

This policy paper looks at what resilience means for local authorities and argues that for resilience to really work it should be built on a partnership between local institutions, communities and citizens.

Project resilience

9 Jun 2015 in Reports

Project resilience is intended to stimulate a debate about resilience in the 21st century that puts local democracy at the heart of the concept.

Devolution: a road map

4 Jun 2015 in Reports

This road map from the LGiU outlines how political devolution to English local government can be achieved as a means of strengthening local economies and improving public services.

Technology and transformation in town halls

9 Jul 2014 in Reports

To meet the challenges of the future, we know that we need a new model of local government. We need a fundamental shift in the way we understand the state. Using technology, we can help make this happen.

Evaluation of the Cabinet Office Commissioning Academy

4 Jul 2014 in Reports

The Commissioning Academy was set up by the Cabinet Office in 2012 to bring together leading figures from local and central government, as well as other public sector organisations, to learn about new approaches to commissioning and drive innovation across the public sector.

Municipal Futures

30 May 2014 in Reports

LGiU has published a new collection of short essays on the future of local government. The collection, written by LGiU staff, is an attempt to move beyond debates about technical solutions to problems and to ask more fundamental questions about what local government means in the 21st century. We consider councils as sites of power, […]

Commissioning in Adult Social Care: The LGiU and Mears Thought Leader Series – A Summary

8 Apr 2014 in Reports

From May 2013 – February 2014 LGiU worked in partnership with social care provider Mears to deliver a series of roundtables for our Adult Social Care Thought Leader Series. The series followed on from our report published October 2012, “Outcomes Matter: effective commissioning in domiciliary care”, and an associated series of regional roundtables. This publication […]

The Future Town Hall: How will local government be different 30 years from now?

2 Dec 2013 in Reports

To mark the 30th anniversary of LGiU we asked contributors from across the local government world to tell us how they thought councils would be different 30 years from now. This publication is a collection of those ideas. Contributors are: Caroline Abrahams Mike Adamson Clive Betts MP Roberta Blackman-Woods MP Christine Blower Rt Hon David […]