Topic: Public Service Reform and Corporate Performance

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Policy Café Brighton : Growing strong local links

Start date: 19 Sep 2017

The future of devolution is increasingly under question, with the Government’s Industrial Strategy seemingly now taking priority, along with the UK’s exit from the EU. With these shifting priorities in mind, and if formal powers are not forthcoming, how can the Government work with localities to deliver a place-based Industrial Strategy that ensures Brighton & […]

Seminar: An Introduction to Service Design for Local Government

Start date: 7 Jun 2018

Service design principles are gaining traction in central and local government alike and is well-used in the private sector, but how can local politicians, managers and strategists make the most of this discipline. This course will teach you the basics of service design, where the skills will be useful in local government and how to get the most from in-house teams or external consultants.

Network on the Future of Local Democracy – Meeting 4: Leadership

Start date: 23 May 2017

How can local government make the most of the current situation and build a collective case for meaningful change in how England is governed? LGiU is working with the James Madison Charitable Trust to establish a high level Network made up of local government leaders and chief executives to answer some of the biggest questions […]

Digital and Data Roundtable: Glasgow

Start date: 30 Mar 2017

The LGiU and Vodafone are hosting a high level roundtable event with Lorraine McMillan, Chief Executive of East Renfrewshire Council, to discuss digital local government, connectivity and local growth in Scotland. The roundtable will bring together council officers, politicians and senior business leaders to discuss the future plans for digital transformation across the country. Data […]

Workshop: Practical Project Management

Start date: 8 Oct 2019

This workshop will give participants a thorough understanding of good project management process in an easily accessible and practical way. This will equip you to be effective members of project teams, serve as a useful refresher for established Project Managers and provide a foundation for new Project Managers. It is based on the principal of 8 key steps or documents!

LGiU Seminar: Devolution and Local Growth: Beyond Growth deals

Start date: 7 Apr 2016

This seminar takes stock of progress in devolution, with a particular emphasis on new powers or resources to stimulate local growth. But it also offers an opportunity to look beyond the current stage of institutional reshaping to consider what more could be achieved with fully empowered local leadership, and the implications for devolution for areas and local government structures not included in the high-profile ‘City Deal’ agreements.

Workshop: Understanding Strategic Thinking

Start date: 7 Nov 2019

The workshop is ideal for managers or specialists who have a strategic role or who are looking to develop a better understanding and skills in the area of longer team planning and strategy. Essentially this is about effective change management and creating a coherent vision of the future at team, function and organisational level.

Engaging your communities through education

Start date: 6 Nov 2015

This Seminar will look at some of the new ideas developing around community education and the pivotal role that local authorities can play in partnership with others. This partnership can be one with local communities, universities and colleges and the wider civil society. What we would like to do in this seminar is explore some of these ideas and ask you to discuss how you think community education could develop in your locality, what the nature of that education would be and what partners you would involve.