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Local Finance Taskforce – Finance Scorecard

23 Jul 2018 in Reports

Business Rate Retention and the Fairer Funding Review are important steps towards reforming local government finance; but we believe that to achieve a sustainable system we need a much broader and more radical conversation post 2020. This scorecard is intended to kick start that conversation. In it we outline the key features of some of the ideas for local government finance reform which are out there but which are not currently on the table.

LGiU MJ State of Local Government Finance Survey

8 Feb 2018 in Reports

LGiU and The MJ have run the State of Local Government Finance Survey every January since 2012 to coincide with councils setting their annual budgets. The results give a snapshot of the key pressures facing councils and their ideas for the future.

Reviving localism: three challenges

13 Dec 2017 in Reports

In January 2017, the LGiU committed to exploring three core policy questions over the course of the year: Finance: How should local government be funded? Democracy: How can we strengthen local democracy? Services: How do we design public services that are fit for the future? This series of essays draws on the last year of […]

Beyond Devolution – the final report of the Local Democracy Network

12 Oct 2017 in Reports

At this key moment in the trajectory of the UK it is crucial to ask what the future has in store for local democracy. This is precisely what we do in Beyond Devolution, the final report of the Local Democracy Network, which LGiU convened throughout 2017 and comprised council leaders, chief executives, academics and experts from across the public sector.

Local government: In the money?

29 Sep 2017 in Reports

In the second of three essays LGiU is publishing on the future of local government, Jennifer Glover discusses the unprecedented financial uncertainty facing councils through the testimonials of senior local government decision-makers.

Guide to Crowdfunding for Local Authorities

16 Mar 2017 in Reports

This guide will help you to unpick the different types of crowdfunding, their uses within and outside local government, and contains practical tips for those who wish to give crowdfunding a try.

2017 State of Local Government Finance survey

10 Feb 2017 in Reports

The LGiU and MJ jointly conducted the 2017 State of Local Government Finance survey from 5 January – 26 January 2017 and received 163 responses. Responses were collected from Chief Executives, Council Leaders, Directors of Finance and Cabinet Members for Finance across 131 Councils in England and Wales. The LGiU and MJ have jointly conducted the state of local government […]

Future Local Part 4: A taxing issue

11 Aug 2016 in Reports

In the fourth part of the LGiU's series on the future of local government after the EU referendum, Lauren Lucas argues that the promise of devolution is hollow without a review of our centralised system of taxation.