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LGiU Homelessness Commission 2019: Final Report

20 Jun 2019 in Reports

The LGiU Local Government Homelessness Commission was set up to investigate how councils can fulfil their obligation to prevent homelessness. This report is the first assessment of the state of homelessness prevention from the perspective of local government.

Homelessness – the road to prevention

29 Nov 2018 in Reports

In this long read Andrew Walker outlines the recent discussions of the LGiU's Homelessness Commission on how councils can support vulnerable people, particularly young people, in danger of becoming homeless and how they can use their data to join up services more effectively.

Homelessness Commission Launch

6 Jul 2018 in Reports

LGiU has launched our Homelessness Commission, led by LGiU’s local government members. Through a series of investigations into how councils can prevent homelessness, the Commission will provide practical solutions for making good on the goals of the HRA, as well as a robust set of challenges and demands for central government to provide the right resources, powers and tools for councils to tackle this task.

Building Connected Communities

24 Oct 2017 in Reports

While the pressure to deliver housing numbers is rising, it is increasingly important that we have a conversation about what sort of places we build. Our research, in partnership with the Ramblers, shows that local authorities want to build places that encourage walking and active travel, but developers do not always share these priorities. Many councils feel the […]

Councillors’ attitudes to the planning system

11 Jan 2017 in Reports

A survey of over 1,200 ward councillors in England, carried out by the Local Government Information Unit, and commissioned by the National Trust, reveals councillors’ view that the planning system works in the interests of developers over councils and local communities.

Localism and New Communities

1 Dec 2014 in Reports

The report explores how councillors can provide leadership when building new homes and creating new communities. It contains innovative and practical recommendations to help them do so.

People-shaped places: how Lambeth let residents redesign the neighbourhood

2 Jun 2014 in Reports

LGiU has carried out an evaluation of Lambeth’s new approach to improving the local neighbourhood. Instead of asking residents  “do you support this proposal”, Lambeth wanted to ask residents “what would you like to see in this area?” The approach places local citizens in the driving seat and shows how Lambeth Council is seeking to […]

Planning: problem or solution?

4 Nov 2013 in Reports

This is a collection of essays offering views and suggestions from key commentators on the planning system. It was collated by the LGiU, with support from the Federation of Master Builders, for the Liberal Democrats’ CLG Parliamentary Committee. Contributions from: Sir Andrew Stunell OBE MP Brian Berry, CEO, Federation of Master Builders Cllr Keith House, […]