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Building Walkable Places

9 Oct 2017 in Projects

LGiU has been working with the Ramblers to investigate how councils can work with developers to build active and connected places. Our research highlights some of barriers, but also includes practical steps that can be taken to promote place-shaping across local government. We have surveyed and interviewed councils across England, and will be releasing our […]

Councillors’ Attitudes to the Planning System

11 Jan 2017 in Projects

Ward councillors provide an essential link between communities and the council, particularly with regard to decisions around planning. But their voice does not receive the attention that it needs in national debates about housing and planning policy. In partnership with the National Trust, from August to October 2016 LGiU surveyed all ward councillors across England […]

Unlocking Small Sites for Housing

31 Oct 2016 in Projects

To build the houses we need in the future we can not rely exclusively on finding large sites and large volume developers to build on them. Instead we must look to smaller sites to help provide the scale of development we need, and a range of small and medium size enterprise (SME) builders with the capacity […]


31 Jul 2015 in Projects

We believe local government can excel at squeezing value out of what it owns – whether that’s the council HQ, a local museum or something out of the ordinary. This summer we want to celebrate local government and the spaces it’s responsible for. You’ve got until 31st August to tweet, email or otherwise send us […]

21st Century Resilience

31 Mar 2015 in Projects

The latest LGiU policy paper on 21st Century Resilience, Resilience in practice,  looks at what councils can do to build resilient places, drawing together institutions, communities and citizens. Some areas cope better with acute crises and natural disasters, as well as long-term stresses and strains. We often refer to these areas as resilient. We talk about […]

Getting councils building

2 Feb 2015 in Projects

Councils across the country are taking active, innovative approaches to help address the UK's housing shortage. But there is more to be done and significant challenges in many areas.

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How can Local Authorities Help to Protect Community Pubs?

6 Sep 2013 in Projects

Pubs are a valuable and irreplaceable part of the social fabric and bring an immense amount of social value to communities.  But in the face of an uncertain future this LGiU project, in association with CAMRA, was set up to develop practical tools that could help unlock the social and community value of pubs. High rents, rising […]

Tenant engagement in social and council housing

3 Aug 2013 in Projects

In partnership with Mears this LGiU project investigated how social landlords engage with their tenants. Recent changes to the welfare system are having a massive impact on the relationship between residents, local authorities, and housing associations. In addition to this there are significant long-term problems, including a rapidly ageing population and climate change, which cannot be solved […]

Councils and the private rented sector

9 May 2013 in Projects

The number of people living in the private rented sector is rising. The 2011 census, published by the Office for National Statistics, shows the number of private renters in England and Wales has jumped from 1.9 million in 2001 to 3.6 million in 2011 – an increase of 88 per cent. Furthermore, this figure is […]